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EA is no more a hindrance to your migration. Engineers who see their Professional privilege in Australia, do apply for migration. They are evaluated by an authority called EA. EA stands for Engineers Australia. Engineering, being one of the most competitive professions, must require this sort of Engineers Australia Assessment to get qualified. For the EA skill assessment, you must be ready with your CDR first. It is a report which depicts your competency levels.

What is EA and why this is important for migration?

The EA tests your potential skills, professional qualities, technical skills, and personal inspection. Therefore, it is good to have a flawless CDR report. The total process may take 4 months to be completed. Your professional knowledge will be judged by EA and if you manage to score 60 points, you become eligible to get your VISA. There are overall 4 divisions in which the Engineers are placed during the Assessment –
  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Associate
Chartered Professional Engineer Assessment Australia is done to evaluate the performance of Professional Engineers. These Engineers handle diverse, unique, and complex tasks. They incorporate Leadership and management skills.

Get your Chartered Engineer UK SPEC C&C Report Helpat global migration help. You just need to state your competence according to your role. Any of the competencies requires a practice of a minimum of three years. So, you are advised to put the most recent achievements of your professional life. Irrespective of your employment status, at least 3 years of your progress has to be stated. Your latest experiences will allow us to frame your report appropriately.

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