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AIPM Project Management & competency report

The Australian Institute of Project Management

Professional Competency Standards for Project Management, AIPM

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The Australian Institute of Project Management, popularly known as AIPM, is the most prestigious and long-standing organization in Australia committed to the field of project management.

AIPM, the Australian Institute of Project Management engages, educates and advocates for the project professional in Australia. It drives thought leadership and performance in the arena of the project by bringing ideas and people together for the success of a project.

The Registered Project Manager (RegPM) certification offered by the Australian Institute of Project Management verifies that you have the skills necessary to work effectively in the capacity of a project professional. The institute has a project management certification that is appropriate for every step of your professional development, whether you are responsible for planning project plans or leading and directing projects and teams.

AIPM is acknowledged by the business community, the industrial sector, and the government of Australia as the primary promoter, innovator, and pioneer in professional project management. Its RegPM certification program ensures that projects in Australia are managed by competent project managers across all industries.

The achievement of RegPM certification demonstrates to employers, clients, and colleagues that the candidate's professional knowledge and abilities are at a level of experience that has been shown.

Its project management certification confirms that you are devoted to the project management profession in Australia and certifies that you are intent on keeping up with the latest and future project management techniques through ongoing professional development.

Make your imprint as a qualified project professional and have your project management experience validated by Australia's premier project management institute.


RegPM™ certification

How to become a Registered Project Manager (RegPM™)

AIPM’s RegPM™ certification program gives a benchmark of excellence for project professionals all over Australia.

Whether you are coordinating project plans or directing and leading project teams, the authority has a certification for every stage of your career. There are six levels of RegPM™ certification, and you can choose one to get started on your next career step today.


6 Steps to becoming certified with RegPM™:

  1. Join AIPM:
    Only full Australian Institute of Project Management members (AIPM members) can have access to the RegPM™ program. A non-member can join as a member and apply for certification simultaneously. Become an AIPM member, and apply for certification.
  2. Apply for RegPM™ certification
    If an AIPM member but not holding RegPM™ status, you can apply for certification on the official website.
  3. Assign an assessor:
    Your RegPM™ certification needs a formal assessment of your competency and experience. AIPM can allocate an evaluator for you, or you can nominate an approved assessor to conduct your assessment.
  4. Complete your assessment:
    You need to answer questions and gather proof to document competency at the level applied for. Your completed assessment record bookhas to be submitted to your assessor within six months of your application date
  5. Interview with your assessor:
    After the assessment of your submission and an interview with you, your assessor will recommend the outcome of your application.
  6. Your RegPM™ certification is complete:
    If positive, your name will be put on the AIPM online register of certified project professionals. You will also get a certificate of registration, having validity for 3 years.


AIPM Membership

Whether you are an aspiring, emerging or experienced project professional, you can have an AIPM membership designed for you.


Student Membership:

Grow your skills and start your project management career with an AIPM Student Membership.


Benefits of choosing an AIPM Student Membership:

Have a nice beginning of your project management career.Learn from project management professionals, develop your capabilities, get industry updates and benefit from networking opportunities. Join the AIPM today, and set yourself up for a successful career as a project professional.


Individual Membership:

Accelerate your career possibilities with an AIPM, The Australian Institute of Project Management, member, and become a part of the country’s leading project management community.


GET CERTIFIED - Get your AIPM Certification to get a jump start

Obtain the quality assurance stamp for your project management efforts.

With the national project management certification offered by AIPM, known as RegPM, you may give your career the boost it needs to succeed.

There are certificates in project management available for you at every step of your career.


Getting familiar with the Assessment Record Book (ARB)

CPPM Certification validates your competence to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams. The AIPM CPPM certification system is based on a “Professional Certification Standard”, which features a series of modules designed to align with common project lifecycle models transferable across industry contexts. The four modules are:

  1. Aligning and Initiating
  2. Planning and Developing
  3. Governing and Delivering
  4. Evaluating and Closing



Why should one get AIPM Certification?

The number of people entering the project management field has increased in tandem with the rising demand for people to lead projects.

This accreditation acknowledges both your competence and your credibility, allowing you to distinguish yourself in a landscape of intense competition.

  • Accelerate your career growth and absolutely guarantee employers of your project experience
  • Be acknowledged for your skills throughout all industries by your project management peers
  • Give yourself a competitive edge by associating with the peak body for project management in Australia
  • Gain recognition for your skills across industries from your project management peers


Which Certificate level is appropriate for me?

Here are the different certification levels for project management in Australia:

    This level is appropriate for you if you are a member of a team that contributes to project plans, works on projects, and attends team meetings.
    The next level of accreditation is for the project managers, who are responsible for the design of projects, the management of teams, and the implementation of projects in consultation with higher authorities.
    The senior project manager certification level is for the individuals who are considered to be the "go-to" person for managing complex and high-risk projects that can significantly impact the organization and important stakeholders.
    This is an improvement over the concurrent assessment** or the CPPM*.
    Those who routinely lead projects, evaluate whether or not progress is being made that is in line with organizational goals, and analyze effectiveness are qualified for the project director level.
    The portfolio executive oversees a series of initiatives and determines which ones are most advantageous in light of the organization's overall strategy.


How Do I Commence the Certification Procedure?

Are you new to AIPM?

If you're new to AIPM or just beginning with the AIPM program in Australia, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign up for AIPM: The first and foremost step is to sign up for membership in the AIPM and submit an application for certification. Certification in AIPM is only accessible to AIPM Members who have attained the Member level. You can submit a single online application to apply for membership and certification at the same time.
  2. Be Assigned an Assessor: You can name an assessor to carry out your evaluation (the evaluator will be contacted to confirm this), or AIPM can assign an assessor on your behalf. AIPM will make every effort to find an assessor who is located in the same area as you.
  3. Complete your assessment: You have a deadline of six months from the date you apply to submit the evidence you gathered for your evaluation to your assessor.
  4. Your assessor submits an assessment report: The evaluation report will recommend either that you are "Competent" or that you are "Not Yet Competent" at the certification level that you have picked.
  5. You will be recognized as a Certified Project Professional: Your name will also be added to our online directory of certified project professionals if you are successful. You will be issued a certificate of registration valid for three years.


Are you a member already?

If you're already a member, then the following are the steps you'll need to follow to get RegPM Certification:

  1. Submit an Application for RegPM Certification: In order to submit an application for RegPM certification, you must first log in to your account, complete the online application, and pay the assessment fees.
  2. You will be allocated an assessor: You will have the opportunity to nominate an assessor to carry out your assessment (the evaluator will be asked to confirm this), or AIPM will assign an evaluator to you.
  3. AIPM will make every effort to find an assessor who is located in the same area as you.

  4. Complete your assessment: You have a deadline of six months from the date you apply to deliver the evidence you gathered for your evaluation to your assessor.
  5. Your assessor submits an assessment report: The evaluation report will recommend either that you are "Competent" or that you are "Not Yet Competent" at the certification level that you have picked.
  6. You will be recognized as a Certified Project Professional: If you are successful, your name will also be published on our online database of certified project professionals. This means that you will be acknowledged as a professional in the field of project management. You will get from us a certificate of registration that is good for a period of three years from the day it was issued.
  7. Get the seal of exceptional project management right now and get a jump start.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to Reply back/contact us for quick support from our experts.

Download application form: AIPM CPPM Candidate Information


Overview of AIPM's Project Management Assessment

By earning a certification, you demonstrate competence and the ability to manage projects effectively.

Individuals can develop their self-awareness, reflect on their experiences, and learn from them by participating in the certification process.

Certification is used to evaluate an individual's project management skills. The term "competence" refers to the ability to perform a specific task. At this level, certification is a display of competence rather than a test of knowledge or academic achievement.



Throughout your career, you must have earned considerable expertise (CPPM or above) in the application of project management disciplines, and preferably, you must have managed numerous projects from start to completion. Experience with the entire project lifecycle is necessary, which could have come from multiple projects.

You must be capable of managing projects that include:

  1. Multiple companies and/or organizational units
  2. Multiple disciplines, such as technical, business, and financial
  3. Interrelated sub-projects or work packages within the overall project context
  4. Many of the recognized project management competencies are incorporated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge.


A project need not have to be large or complex in terms of scope or expense. Many initiatives are carried out as part of big, sometimes worldwide, transformation programs and many of these individual projects may fit the criteria. You must be able to demonstrate that you had a full-time, hands-on project management position for your chosen project, which must have been completed within the last two years, and that you were responsible for dealing with risks and concerns as they emerged. You should be able to show that you are in charge of the project budget, as well as the deployment and control of project resources. It's more vital to focus on your function and amount of responsibility than it is to focus on the project itself.

The project or sub-project(s) must, nevertheless, meet the standards indicated above and be complete.


What are the criteria for evaluation?

A completed self-assessment form, as well as the AIPM Assessment Record Book (ARB), demonstrating the following:

  1. Project management understanding and practice;
  2. Principles of project management;
  3. Appropriate use of tools, techniques, and methodologies;
  4. Commercial acumen
  5. Problem solving;
  6. Stakeholder involvement.


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AIPM Professional Competency Standards for Project Manager

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