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NER Work Experience Statement | WES for EA

What is NER

Engineers Australia offers a range of services and resources to engineers, including accreditation, professional development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for the profession. They have a membership structure that allows engineers to join as members and gain recognition for their qualifications and experience.

Engineers Australia also maintains a register known as the National Engineering Register (NER), which is a comprehensive directory of practicing engineers in Australia. The NER includes engineers who have met certain standards of qualification and experience and have been assessed by Engineers Australia. This register serves as a public database to verify the credentials and expertise of engineers practicing in the country.

The NER is a register maintained by Engineers Australia. It is a comprehensive directory of practicing engineers in Australia. To be listed on the NER, engineers must meet certain standards of qualification and experience. These standards are determined by Engineers Australia through a rigorous assessment process.

By being on the NER, engineers gain recognition for their qualifications and experience, demonstrating their competence to clients, employers, and the public. The register serves as a public database that can be accessed to verify the credentials and expertise of engineers practicing in Australia. This enhances transparency and provides assurance about the qualifications and capabilities of registered engineers.

Join the NER

To demonstrate your expertise, talent, and experience to potential employers and clients as an engineering professional, get and exhibit the NER certification. Engineers Australia membership is not required to apply for a NER certificate. You must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to be qualified to apply for a NER credential:

  • Possess a successful Engineers Australia migration skills assessment or membership competency assessment, or possess certified engineering Recognized Engineering Qualification Australia
  • have at least four years of full-time equivalent post-graduate experience and five or more years of relevant full-time equivalent engineering job experience within the last ten years
  • meet all five NER competencies (PDF)

Required Documents


You must have the following documents scanned and prepared for upload if you are an Engineers Australia member:

  • An enhanced resume that lists your major accomplishments and the projects you have been in charge of. This should cover the challenges, opportunities, and circumstances you've encountered. the specialized knowledge or abilities you employed and the results obtained. Include any actions you took to address problems as well. Describe the times when you were original and inventive.

You can still apply for a NER certification even if you are not a member of Engineers Australia. The following papers must be scanned and prepared for upload:

  • An enhanced resume that lists your major accomplishments and the projects you have been in charge of. This should cover the challenges, opportunities, and circumstances you've encountered. the specialized knowledge or abilities you employed and the results obtained. Describe any steps you took to address problems, if any. Mention specific situations where you were original and inventive.
  • A color scan of the photo identification you're using. You can use a passport or a driver's license.
  • Proof of your credentials, such as a testamur or transcripts from a degree certified by Engineers Australia, is required. An Engineers Australia membership competency letter or the results of your migration skills assessment are also acceptable alternatives.

NER Work Experience Statement

The NER Work Experience Statement refers to a document that engineers submit as part of their application to be listed on the National Engineering Register, NER Australia. The purpose of the Work Experience Statement is to provide evidence of an engineer's relevant work experience, demonstrating their competence in their chosen engineering discipline.

When engineers apply to be listed on the NER, they are required to provide details of their work experience, including the nature of their engineering work, the duration of their employment, and the responsibilities and tasks they have undertaken. This information helps Engineers Australia assess the engineer's experience against the standards set for registration.

The Work Experience Statement typically includes the following details:

Employment History: Engineers need to provide a chronological list of their past employment, including the names of the organizations they have worked for, the dates of employment, and the positions they held.

Job Descriptions: Engineers should describe the engineering roles and responsibilities they have held during their employment. This may include a breakdown of the projects they have worked on, the tasks they have performed, and the technical skills they have applied.

Demonstrating Competence: Engineers must demonstrate how their work experience aligns with the competency standards expected for their engineering discipline. They should provide examples of how they have applied their technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and professional judgment in real-world engineering contexts.

References: Engineers may be required to provide references from supervisors or managers who can verify the accuracy of the information provided in the Work Experience Statement.

It's important for engineers to provide clear and concise information in their Work Experience Statement to effectively showcase their engineering experience and competence. The statement should be structured, well-documented, and supported by relevant evidence, such as project reports, technical documents, or any other materials that validate their work experience.

Work Experience Statement and ACQUIRED COMPETENCE SELF-ASSESSMENT for NER Australia

We provide NER work experience statement(WES) for Engineers Australia with the assistance of our highly qualified, native, and Top Notch experienced experts. The National Engineering Register is the name given to NER in Australia. This relates solely to engineering membership in Australia as determined by EA assessment. Engineers should compose WES statements chronologically, starting with the most recent experience that is applicable. You should first be aware of the type of engineering field registration you are attempting to register for.


We are expected to demonstrate a set of competencies that are based on 5 years of work experience. It may be distributed within a maximum period of 10 years from the day the NER application is filed.

Major documents you need to prepare:

  • Expanded resume: it is the major document
  • Self-Assessment Form (SAF): copy-paste the content into the EA portal
  • CPD record

We prefer referencing different types of engineering projects (if available) when preparing the ECV and SAF. You are required to note that for huge projects that take more time to complete, fewer projects can be used. The major requirement is to cover a minimum of 5 years of work experience. Since an applicant’s profile is unique, we review each case in isolation before we suggest the best approach.

Who are our NER Writers?

Our NER writers are the Australian Team members. These are engineers who are:

Already chartered members and presently working in Australia.

Chartered Engineers having NER recognition but presently working outside of Australia.

NER Service Options:

We have two NER Service packages for our clients. The first one is NER Option B and the second one is NER Option C.

NER Option B: Requirements:

This option involves the preparation of new NER documents from scratch. Under this option, you need to provide information by:

  • Submission of your CV for review
  • Provision of project materials in your possession, including reports, drawings, calculation sheets, photos and so on. You will be guided about this aspect after you place your order.
  • Filling out the CPD sheet
  • Answering our questions (where applicable)

NER Option C: Requirements:

This option is for those clients who have already prepared their NER documents but require review. For this option, you need to send your NER documents for review. The reviewer will determine the amount of revision necessary to attain 100% compliance with EA requirements and the corresponding charges.

NER is only checking to see if applicants are at ease with technical skills and that you are acting ethically. Before beginning to write their work experience statements, engineers are asked to follow instructions and look at models and examples. Describe accomplishments and primarily your roles and duties.

At the end of the job experience statement, you can put together candidates whose careers have been noted to be long. You must list the duties and responsibilities of each job position, the title of the position, the deadline, and the employer's name and complete address for each position. Along with the successes listed on the self-assessment page, you should list your professional skills, knowledge, and abilities under the achievement area.

Points for achievements

  • Previous products, initiatives, programs, systems, or services
  • Problems and opportunities in a certain situation you encountered in the past Your problem-solving techniques
  • Over tasks completed, the course of action you took to resolve the case the outcomes you obtain
  • You applied unique abilities to the project

Note: - A self-assessment worksheet may be submitted along with NER. Application and engineering skills are divided into four groups, including:

Your written work experience and acquired competency statement should be relevant to your specified period of work experience and drawn from tasks in particular work practice contexts to show your knowledge, skills and abilities in four competency areas of:

  • Personal commitment (People skills)
  • Value in the Workplace (Business Skills)
  • Obligation to the Community (Operational expertise)
  • Technical Proficiency (Technical Skills)

In writing your key achievements, you may find the SBO model useful:

S = Situations, problems or opportunities you faced B = Behaviour, the actions you took to address the situation, innovation and creativity O = Outcome you achieved


Adding Information to the Professional Referee Details

Your two professional referees who have previously worked with you must be listed at the end of your NER work experience statement, as Engineers Australia may contact them to inquire about your work history and competency claims.

Your references must be people you've known for at least 12 months, have an engineering degree, and have worked in your industry for at least five years. They can be your boss, mentor, a senior colleague, or a client who provides engineering services.

Ideally, one should belong to Engineers Australia (EA)

Your present employer should provide one reference. If you have been with your present work for more than five years, the other referee should also be from the same organisation.

The other referee may be from a prior employer where you worked within the last five years before submitting your file if you have changed organisations more recently. The referee can be an outside mentor, but they shouldn't just be a coworker you know.

You must provide the referee's information as listed below.

Title, Given Name, Surname, Organization, Position/Title, Professional relationship, Email, Mobile, Phone.

Professional Referee Statement via Statutory Declaration

You may substitute a properly witnessed Statutory Declaration for a referee statement in certain situations if you are genuinely unable to supply referee details. The Statutory Declaration must say that your work experience statement (WES) for NER, along with any provided acquired competency self-assessments, accurately reflects your professional background and current level of competence. Engineers Australia (EA) has the ability to refuse to accept or rely on a statutory declaration.

Category of Occupations for NER Australia

The NER will support nineteen (19) practice areas that are matched to demonstrate expertise and professional competence
  • Biomedical Engineering Aerospace Engineering
  • Engineering in the chemical and civil sectors
  • Environmental Engineering Electrical Engineering
  • Telecommunications, Information, and
  • Engineering in Electronics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
Only Chartered members of Engineers Australia and non-members who have passed a Stage 2 competency assessment are eligible to access the following NER Areas of Practice.
  • Inspection of Amusement Rides and Equipment in Use
  • Engineering for Building Services
  • Engineering for Fire Safety
  • Engineering for Heritage & Conservation
  • Management and Leadership
  • Naval Engineering
  • Pipeline Engineering for Oil & Gas
  • Energy Engineering
  • Verification of Pressure Equipment Design
  • Geotechnical subdivisions


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For Australia's WES (Work Experience Statement), we have the best qualified, experienced writers. We generate work experience statements for Engineers Australia using NER writers with extensive knowledge in several engineering fields (EA). Since we offer free examples and samples for you to check before engaging our services, we are the finest work experience statement supplier for NER. In accordance with the assessment requirements, we produce reports for all three career episodes and NER's CPD (continuous professional development).

How can we assist you to make a Perfect WES?

If you want to apply for membership in the National Engineering, it is a very good field to uphold your state in the professional front and provide scope for career advancement. We can help in this case to ensure that your application shows your impeccable qualities and do not fall short of the requirements. We will be checking your eligibility as per the occupational category, CPD hours from the past 3 years, and PI insurance availability. After that, we will chalk out a plan to frame your Work Experience Statement (WES). Your referees would play a major role in your selection and we will be particular about the selection of the referees for your WES.

The WES prepared by us would be of unmatched quality and credibility. We will select the highlights of your work from the past 5 years and uphold your competencies in line with the projects done by you. Some of the elements that are considered in the WES include ethical conduct, sustainable practices, risk management, legal and statutory requirements, communication skills, advanced engineering knowledge, creativity, solution development, and innovation. We just need your updated CV and a few pieces of information or answers from you. Our team of experts will then extract the needful information and add missing aspects (if any). If there is a WES document already prepared by you, we can check and review it for you at a very marginal cost. Our checks would identify the gaps and weak points of the WES, which will let you work on your WES document further in the right direction.



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