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EngExec for Engineers Australia

EngExec for Engineers Australia

The post of Engineering Executive (EngExec) mainly recognizes various individuals related to leadership and various management positions. The status related to the position increases prestigious stance of the leaders and provides the highest tier of the industry. The attainment of EngExec post increases the qualification of the applicant for chartered status in Management and Leadership. The technical practise related to the chartered status increases considerably. The engineering managers and the leaders can showcase their commitment about their occupation.


The credential related EngExec are mainly reserved for the candidates who occupies major role in the increasing leadership and management of the professional of engineering in Australia. The members mainly occupy important post in the private or public sector. The EngExec eligibility is mainly available to the engineers of Australia in the occupational sector satisfying requirements of competency.

Now the question is, is the assessment and recognition limited to the tertiary qualified engineers? Are the candidates working as engineers eligible for this? To what extent the tertiary skills like MBA and related attributes contribute in this process? After analysis, we have come to a conclusion that there are wide array of areas, which are covered under the assessment and recognition of EngExec. Not only the tertiary qualified engineers, candidates from engineering technologists and associates can also apply.

However, the applicants must have membership with the Engineers Australia and should be current members of the same. The stage 2 of the chartered status related to the engineering is prerequisite, inspite of various candidates have achieving stage 2 previously. Competencies related to the Chartered status (CPEng) are based on the technical aspect of engineering. Moreover various elements related to the management, business and leadership are included in CPEng. The candidates may not have optimum knowledge related to the engineering techniques for eligibly in for the post. The qualifications related to degrees like MBA do not have any effect in the recognition of CPEng degree. Optimum knowledge related to the engineering may help the applicant to increase their competency in their occupation. The level of standard related to the members is directly related to 10 years experience of membership. The applicants are mainly in their mid age and are employed in management position.

Assessment Process

The recognition related to the eligibility mainly undergoesthorough assessment related to the Competence standards. The candidates have to provide a practise report related to the competency standards of Engineer Australia. The documents require various skills to critically analyse the competencies related to the career which is highly challenging for the applicant.

The report related to the assessment is mainly submitted through a CV and checklist, which is mainly monitored by national assessor. The candidates should provide sufficient demonstration related to the competencies associated to next sector. The submission of the report is mainly reviewed by two experts who have faced the same problems and experiences related to the assessment. Then the experts form a panel in order to provide purpose to the application and opportunity to the report. The panel related to the clarification and aspect explores perceived gaps in the reports. The candidates are provided a chance to present an uninterrupted video which have duration of 15 minutes. The presentations are representation of stressful experience for application of job. However majority of the candidates take this opportunity as a profitable experience. The success of the report is instantly provided to the applicant after the presentation.

The conduction of self assessment has helped various candidates for applying for the position in the Engineer Australia. The self assessment has helped the candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses related to their occupations. The applicants of the assessment have conveyed that they have found the panel experience to be rewarding and challenging. The panel basically provide insights to the candidates applying for the position. The representation provides various recommendations related to applications.


The post of post-nominal is directly related to the origins of engineering and is awarded after the transparent process of assessment. One of the most specific types of post nominal is the Engineering Executive, which can be also termed as EngExec. The post was decided along with various consultations between the members of Engineer Australia’s National Industry Liaison Board. The main challenge related to the post of Post Nominal is the maintenance of value.


Engineers Australia has formulated various accreditation and credential related to frameworks associated with engineers through management and leadership. The eligibility related to the application of EngExec includes ten units including leadership, processes, products, finance and accounting. The applicants should obtain competencies in all 10 units to obtain EngExec.

EngExec is an ability for us to come together as a professional group and promote engineering across Australia - The ability to influence policy, influence technology and ensure that Australian industry can compete favourably on a global stage.

Air Commodore James Hood AM

FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)

Director General, Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DG DASA)

Stages of an Engineer's Career

Occupational Categories

The categories related to the occupation are mainly associated with educational qualifications. The Engineers Australia mainly recognizes occupational categories related to engineering in Australia:

  • Associate Engineering
  • Engineering Technologists
  • Professional Engineering

Professional Engineer

The professional engineers of Australia are mainly recognised if the four year professional course is implemented. The profession of engineering includes:

  • Focusing in the overall systems
  • Development of new engineering methods
  • Application of management and leadership trends
  • Pursuing of various engineering opportunities along with environmental community and various social account.
  • Solving of diverse problems related to engineering

Engineering Technologist

The academic qualification related to engineering technologists of Engineers Australia is mainly recognized through three year degree. Engineering technologists should actually include:

  • Focusing on various interaction in the system
  • Modification and adaption of various practises related to engineering
  • Knowledge regarding advance technology and innovation.

Engineering Associate

The academic qualification related to the Engineers Australia is mainly recognized if the applicant have diploma in engineering degree. An engineering associate must have proper knowledge related to:

  • Focusing on various elements related to the system

Workings related to codes and application associated to procedures and practices.

The EngExec credential is important to me as it communicates that I am an engineer and in a senior leadership role. The Chartered credential in Leadership and Management also provides recognition on a global scale.It holds the prestige that I am a role model for the future and allows me to talk and inspire the up and coming generation of leaders as well. It also provides the opportunity to improve engineers standing with the community.

  • Lydia Gentle
  • FIEAust CPEng EngExec NER APEC Engineer IntPE(Aus)
  • Manager Engineering – Mods & Ops Projects, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance

Continuing Professional Development

It can be signified that various leadership skills if acquired properly can be more enduring than the technical skills related to degree related to assessment. Moreover it can be signified that the commercial environment and regulatory environment in which corporations operate. However the operations change frequently related to currency fluctuations. The policy related to the professional development is influenced by the status related to Engineering Executive Status.

The audit related to professional development includes 50 hours every year, with average estimation of three years which are to be recorded in the professional diary. The activities related to the contribution associated with CPD obligation are mainly influenced by the tertiary studies, workshops, conferences and presentation and services in engineering.

Continuing Professional Development

Units of Competency

Units of Competency
Units of Competency

The EngExec Competencies

Standards related to the competencies are divided into 10 units, which are subdivided into various aspects of leadership, business and management. The 10 units are mainly supported by 50 elements. The elements include 195 activities which is indicative in nature. Therefore the applicants, who are meeting these standards, will demonstrate achievements of various competencies and substantial depth. However the levels of competencies are may not contain all 50 elements. The breakdown of the 10 units associated to leadership into six elements. One of the elements related to six elements is 1.4 Promotion of engineering profession which can be subdivided into various defining activities.


So, the ultimate question is how to succeed in this aspect? Well, through the competencies related to EngExec, the engineers can plan their careers related to their skills and their competencies, which can help them to progress in a leadership role. It can be considered as a success when the EngExec find that they have credible competitive edge in seeking new positions. The entrepreneurs mainly list EngExec candidates in the selection process related to hiring of engineers in the operations. The program will be termed as success if the engineers are appointed in senior positions in important organizations in Australia. The program will also be deemed to be a success if Directors and CEOs of the small and large companies prefer engineers in prominent roles.

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