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Please demonstrate your competence in the outlined subject areas in Section 1 as appropriate to your role. Refer to your most recent achievements at work (last 3 years) whether employed or self-employed. If unemployed or not working use your most recent experience.

Core Competencies

SECTION 1 – Advancing & Enhancing Current Best Practice (mandatory for all applicants via the academic route)

In this section, six major competencies are highlighted. In every competence, it is found there are requirements of at least 3 years experience that shall require to be presented. Therefore, this section is compulsory one for every candidate using academic road. It is essential to give instances from your past work knowledge for illustrating the skills. Necessities of competencies cannot be convinced by mentioning qualifications or modules that you gained.

COMPETENCE 3.1.1: Industry-Engagement Endorsement in Education.

You would require providing evidence of work that you have performed for promoting industry collaboration in education, enhancing graduate competence, and ensuring validity and currency of education course.

COMPETENCE 3.1.2: Appling for Present Appropriate Practice in Design and/or Curriculum Delivery

You have to give examples and data on the ways you have considered for applying to current appropriate practice in design, revise, and delivery of curriculum for enhancing skill and learning development. This can be addition of new technique, high-level management competence, innovation, or introduction of data exchange partnerships. Specific focus must be given to existing practice in context to key fields like sustainable construction development, health, integrated working and safety and welfare.

COMPETENCE 3.1.3: Preparing and Considering CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in best practice of the current industry

Give evidence of you capability for planning and undertaking CPD in present industry best practice. Here, you can refer to industry placement, partnership planning, CPD event attendance or any other initiatives that may aid in maintaining features of you subject understanding.

COMPETENCE 3.1.4: Promotion of Ethical Exercise

You have to illustrate your knowledge related to ethics significance in construction. Here, you can give examples of the ways you used for promoting ethical practice among graduates and students at workplace comprising any work upgrading the responsibilities of specialized groups and code of practice for students

COMPETENCE 3.1.5: Promotion and Consciousness of Construction Creativity

Explain the ways you used for maintaining knowledge of construction innovation and provide examples of associated projects that you are been a part of. Further, explain the ways this improved your work or teaching practice.

COMPETENCE 3.1.6: Uphold Accessing of Equality and Diversity and Professions

Provide evidence of way you used in promotion of access to profession, and the work of equality and diversity.

SECTION 2 – Advancing and Enhancing Construction Management Knowledge

(For research associates/readers or efficient professors in research)

Major Competencies:-

In this section, it has highlighted four major competences. Every competence requires minimum 3 years of practice that needs to be presented. However, for the candidates those are applying through academic route bases on their outputs of research activities, this section is completely option. Providing examples from your working experience is very important for presenting the competencies. Please note the requirements of competence cannot be fulfilled from the achieved qualifications or listing modules.

COMPETENCE 3.2.1: Arranging and Presenting Research Outputs

You are required to give proof of your capability of planning, organising, and monitoring your research works consisting choosing of suitable methodologies, stakeholder engagement and presenting outcomes.

COMPETENCE 3.2.2: Applying and Collaborating Output of Research in Industry

YGive instances and data on the submission of research results in industry and related value it has been able to bring. Portray your management of any collaborative projects or arrangements and the value these has bring in the knowledge body.

COMPETENCE 3.2.3: Registering for ResearchResult for Learning and Teaching

You have to give information about research results and their effectiveness in advancement and enhancement of teaching and learning or set of courses and collaboration of student in study.

COMPETENCE 3.2.4: Applying and Understanding Research Ethics

Explain the choice you have made related to ethical decisions and the way you have applied any framework or principles in research activities.

SECTION 3 – Advancing Learning Teaching (for lecturers, course developers and designers)

In section 3, it has incorporated four major competencies and for each of the competence, 3 years of work experience is the minimum requirement that you need to demonstrate. For the candidates those are applying through the academic route based on achievement and work in teaching and learning, this section is optional for them. It is essential to give evidences of work experience while presenting the skills. Please note the requirements of competence cannot be fulfilled from the achieved qualifications or listing modules.

COMPETENCE 3.3.1: Interaction (by managing stakeholders, international partners and the community)

Give data on research results and the ways they have enhanced and advanced the teaching and learning or/and engagement of student and curriculum in research.

COMPETENCE 3.3.2: Encouraging the Interests/Needs of Students

Explain strategies for enhancing the experience of students consisting of feedback methods and discussion for collaborating graduates and students in growth of the programmes.

COMPETENCE 3.3.3: Contribution for Managing Design and Progress of Programme

Give data and evidences of your capabilities of contributing or leading towards decision or growth of programmes. In this, inclusion of resourcing, planning, and supervising programme management, validation along with engaging important personnel.

COMPETENCE 3.3.4: Contribution in Learning and Teaching Practice or Knowledge

Specify examples and data of any relevant work that have been done by you consisting research and expertise development activity, which has helped in contributing towards knowledge or practice or learning or teaching.

SECTION 4 – Vocational Education & Training (For NVQ Assessors and Training & Development Managers)

In the Section 4, itincludes four major competenciesand for every competence, 3 years of work experience is the minimum requirement that you need to demonstrate. This section is designed for those who shall apply through academic route mainly working in field of vocational education being a training development manager or NVQ Assessor in construction firm.

COMPETENCE 3.4.1: Development of Professional Competence

Give evidence of your development of professional competency and learner behaviours.

COMPETENCE 3.4.2: Facilitating Needs and Styles of Learning

Mention instances of the ways you portrayed in delivering programmes to your learners along with assessing learning requirements

COMPETENCE 3.4.3: Promotion of Reflection

You shall require demonstrating the ways you used for promotion of reflective practice among learners.

COMPETENCE 3.4.4: Promotion of Lifelong-Learning

You shall require demonstrating the ways you applied for promoting permanent learning via your liberation.

SECTION 5 – Leadership and Management (for Programme Leaders, Managers, and Heads of Department)

COMPETENCE 3.5.1: Financial or Strategic Management and Leadership

You shall require demonstrating the ways you used for developing or contributing to proper strategic plan or other such as operations plan and excellence improvement plan. Moreover, you have to mention ways of monitoring and evaluating the plan effectiveness. Explain the ways you used for delivering plan using personal leadership referring different skills like managing, planning, organising, resourcing, managing change, managing people, monitoring and analysingplan effectiveness.

COMPETENCE 3.5.2: Development of Individual or Team

Illustrate your skill in context to development of team or people. Examples must consist of performance management. Identify your professional development needs along with negotiation of learning plan, building team relations, conflict or dispute resolution experience, professional relation experience in corporate place.

COMPETENCE 3.5.3: Management of Quality or Quality Assurance

Explain ways of managing quality system and implemented measures for improving quality. Here, you might refer for measuring the improvement of student experience, validation of syllabus, measuring to maintain and leverage standards or benchmarking activities.

COMPETENCE 3.5.4: Management of Knowledge or Information Transfer

Present your efficiency of managing information comprising knowledge transfer by giving evidences from your work practice.

SECTION 6 – Commitment to Professionalism (mandatory for all applicants via the academic route)

In this section, you need to illustrate your understanding and knowledge related to role and importance of functions. Additionally, you have to show your gratitude of individual professional role while fulfilling the expectation of public, member regulations, and code of conduct. Assessor will search for valid evidence for supporting skills.

COMPETENCE 3.6.1: Qualified Role and Judgement

Here, professional verification will be exercised within their position. The goal of section six is to make surer application of member and encourage suitable professionalism standards of their responsibility depending on rules and regulations of CIOB of specialized competence along with duty of care. For indicative evidence, kindly refer to the notes of guidance.

COMPETENCE 3.6.2: Assurance to follow Rules and Regulations of Conduct and Professional Competence

Mentioned link needs to be referred for collecting further information, which shall help you in evaluating the importance of commitment towards rules and regulations of conduct and professional competence suitable to your experience: www.ciob.org/about/governance/royal-charter. Kindly provide declaration refer to the policy and regulations on the process you followed while applying to your position and delegating this to students.

COMPETENCE 3.6.3: CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Applicants should demonstrate their knowledge on CPD benefits. They must present understanding of arrangement, execution, and analysis of CPD for meeting present and up-coming needs. For indicative evidence, kindly refer to the notes of guidance.

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