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Engineering Licensee, Report on Experience - Geoscience Licensee

Your qualification as a geoscience licensee or engineering licensee is subjected to the following areas:

a) You should at least have professional knowledge and experience in engineering or geoscience. There is no mandatory need of having bachelor’s degree in engineering or geoscience, but there is a need of having at least a Diploma in related subjects; or

b) You need to cover up your deficiencies if you were assessed as an engineer or Geologist and were denied by the authority. Only then, you would be considered as engineering licensee or geosciences licensee. An adjustment in the application for the licensee approval would be needed and adjusted accordingly.

*Enter the Inter-Association Mobility - Eng / Geo Licensee page, in case you are an existing registered Geoscience Licensee, Engineering Licensee, Professional TechnologistProfessional Licensee (or the equivalent to one of these) in any other Canadian association.

Note: In case you have any kind of doubts regarding your current state in engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training (after consulting the applicable web pages, then the Director of Academic Review or Director of Registration), an application as an geoscientist-in-trainingor engineer-in-training first is a basic need to get yourself assessed. A gap in the requirements for engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training would imply a need to fill these gaps and mitigate these deficiencies or make applications for the status of an engineering licensee or geoscience licensee.

A combination of educational and experience requirements is determined by reviewing the Licensee Eligibility Policy.


  • Licensee Member Chronological Summary form
  • Application form of Engineering/Geoscience Licensee and fee of $315 including GST
  • Licensee Member Scope of Professional Practice form
  • Work Experience Reports - Licensee
  • Proof of ID (should be accompanied with guarantor form as well as attached picture)
  • English competence (Refer to the English competence policy in the Related Documents below)
  • Direct Confirmation of graduation and degree/diploma

Application and Approval Process

Step 1: Submit your application

On-line Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee Application

Instructionsfor Online application for first time applicants, who don’t have a history of APEGS in the past:

A credit card can be used for online applications for engineering licensee or geoscience licensee. This provides you with a swift and viable option available. A total of three application types are available as choices and the candidates can choose one as highlighted in the Licensee Eligibility Policy above.

  • 1) Create an account with APEGS* and follow the instructions on screen: https://www.apegs.ca/Portal/Pages/sign-up-member * The use of this sign up page is not available for candidates who have already applied to APEGS in the past and therefore, by default have an account. In such a scenario, click on “Login” present in the top right corner of this page, as it redirects you directly to the APEGS Central (your online profile). Please contact the APEGS office: 306-525-9547, toll free 1-800-500-9547, or apegs@apegs.ca, in case you have forgotten your former registration number/User ID with APEGS.
  • 2) Head back to your email for “APEGS sign up verification” from APEGS apegs@apegs.ca. Click on the “Applications” tab on the left side of the APEGS Central home page, where the link on the email will redirect you immediately.
  • 3) Select “Apply Now”.
  • 4) Choose the correct application type from the instructions that have been provided (Choose either"Eng/Geo Licensee - technologist" or "Eng/Geo Licensee - scientist" or "Eng/Geo Licensee - other education").

NOTE: The paper application form that has been provided below can be used by the candidates who have already applied to APEGS as aGeoscientist-in-trainingor Engineer-in-training in the past, in that case, your fees will be reduced. Fill out the below form and any difference in the application fee will be invoiced to you.


Application form for Engineering / Geoscience Licensee Paper

You may use this application form, only if:

  • a) Cheque payment of application fee by a company; or
  • b) No GST payment made by the company paying the application fee(such as Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority); or
  • c) Lack of qualification in past endeavours to apply as an engineer-in-training or geoscientist-in-training (had deficiencies or were denied).

NB: If you are applying online, do not submit this application form.

Step 2: Submit the required, completed forms to APEGS

After submitting the online application, mail all the forms either scanned copy or electronic format using email. Do not make use of electronic signatures. The following forms are posted in the Related Documents section below:

Licensee Member Scope of Professional Practice Licensee Member Chronological Summary Report On Experience - Engineering Licensee Report On Experience - Geoscience Licensee Licensee Member Applicant - Self-Check ListStep 3: File Reviewed by APEGS APEGS will contact you once they review your documents for completeness, and find further information needs.

Step 3: References Gathered by APEGS

Your identified referees will be issues requests by APEGS. These request reports are not shared with you by us; Licensee Admissions Committee is the only entity with whom these documents were shared.

Step 4: Review of Application by Licensee Admissions Committee

The APEGS Licensee Admissions Committee considers your application, once all references and your completed documents are received by us. A one year probation period might be approved to the Committee to enter. If not, further information or experience may be required.

It must be noted that the Licensee Admissions Committee holds quarterly meeting. Two weeks time is provided for the providing of information, completed forms, etc. before the next committee meeting. At the next Licensee Admissions Committee meetingonly complete applications that include references with the deadlines provided below. It is highly recommended to submit all the documents 1 week before the stipulated deadline. This can be extremely beneficial in the case of any issues found in the form and therefore, can be rectified prior to the cut-off date(all issues must be resolved before the application file will go to the committee).

Step 5: Probation

Two 6-months work experience reports are mandatorily required to be provided in case you enter the one-year probation period.A notification in writing will be provided to you if it applies. An application for the Law and Ethics Seminar, and write the Professional Practice Exam will be entertained during this time of the year.

The Licensee Admissions Committee can recommend the registrar to make use of the discretionary powers to delay an applicant’s probation period. The probation period might be backdated appropriately as the experience of the candidate might exceed the required one.

Step 6: Final Approval

A final approval from the registrar will be received after you pass the Professional Practice Exam, and complete the one year probation period. A dues notice for annual fees will be showcased to you after that. Your stamp will be delivered on payment of annual fees.The delivery process can consume a time of 17-18 weeks within Canada and longer outside Canada. Payments are to be made in APEGS Central (the new online profile) under "Invoices". Once you receive your approval, you will receive instructions for payment of fees.

The delays in the delivering of your certificate by up to 17-18 weeks will not bar you from practicing as an Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee, or using your new title as is applicable once you have been notified by the Registrar that you are approved.

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APEGS Approved Sample File


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