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Competency and Professional Development report for Chartered Marine Technologist (CMarTech) – IMarEST

Chartered Marine Technologists are specialists who leverage, utilize, manage, and apply marine technology to create wealth and/or provide services in the marine sector.

CMarTech is registered with the “Institute of Marine Engineering, Science, and Technology” (IMarEST), the international professional body and learned society for all marine professionals that confers the title of Chartered Marine Technologists to suitably qualified and experienced applicants. Furthermore, the United Kingdom has granted IMarEST a Royal Charter.

Chartered Marine Technologists are specialists who leverage, utilize, manage, and apply marine technology to create wealth and/or provide services in the marine sector. They are distinguished by their ability to deal with complex issues in an orderly and creative manner and make informed decisions in the absence of complete data in order to come up with solutions to problems and communicate their conclusions clearly to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.

What are the requirements to be a Chartered Marine Technologist?

A Chartered Marine Technologist can be obtained through a combination of academic awards, vocational qualifications, and experiential learning through work proficiency, which includes the knowledge, understanding, and skills that reinforce performance.

The competencies used to evaluate Chartered Marine Technologist (CMarTech) can be found in the IMarEST Standards Document (PDF).

Candidates must demonstrate competency in sixteen core areas while applying for the Chartered Marine Technologist, including:

  • Specialist knowledge,
  • Analytical methods, both theoretical and practical,
  • Technical and commercial leadership,
  • Interpersonal skills, and
  • A commitment to professional standards and responsibilities towards the profession and the environment.

In a rigorous vetting process, candidates' credentials and experience are scrutinized by at least three experts in Marine Technology. Only the most qualified and experienced candidates are selected for the prestigious group of Marine Technologists. Knowledge Requirements

Candidates who can demonstrate the required high-level knowledge and professional competence are eligible for the CMarTech accreditation. A Masters' degree in an approved subject area is the widely recognized academic standard. However, candidates can demonstrate adequate knowledge through a combination of academic awards and/or appropriate experiential learning in the absence of a Masters' Degree.

How to apply

If you believe you meet the requirements for CMarTech registration, submit an online application or download the form below.

Your application will include the following components:

  • A completed application form duly signed by your referee
  • Your Resume
  • A professional development report (refer to the guidance below)
  • Photocopies of your academic credentials
  • Registration fee


To become a Chartered Marine Technologist, applicants must have their competence assessed as suitable for CMarTech by the Society (SUT or MTS). The assessment process begins with a written application. Qualifications, experience, and training claims will necessitate formal documented evidence. Applicants must demonstrate how their experience relates to the required competencies for CMarTech when providing details about their experience. Subsequent to a review of the documented evidence, the applicant will be required to take part in a professional review interview (PRI).

The Society informs the candidates of the necessary procedures. In the event that there is a flaw in the application, the Registrar will usually suggest ways to fix it (this may involve further learning, training, or additional experience).

If CMarTech approves the candidate's application, he/she will be entitled to be registered as a Chartered Marine Technologist. In addition, the candidate's details will be added to the Society's Register of Chartered Marine Technologists.

Retaining the designation will necessitate continued membership in the Society as well as payment of the necessary annual dues and credential subscription. Candidates may choose to join either or both societies, depending on their preferences. Continue reading for more information on assessing knowledge and competence.


There are general competencies that must be illustrated in order to become a Chartered Marine Technologist. Due to the diverse nature of technological practices, achieving the required level for these professional competencies entails a wide range of activities. Candidates who think they meet these requirements, or intend to work towards them, should contact SUT or MTS for more information on how to apply for registration.

Professional Development

Professional development is an important part of achieving the competence required for Chartered Marine Technologist registration. It makes aspiring Chartered Marine Technologists learn to apply their knowledge, understanding, and professional judgement in a complex situation.

Professional development opportunities provided by MTS or SUT events, university training, workplace training, accredited professional development schemes, or other high-level professional development opportunities are available to candidates.

For applicants seeking additional information about professional development, the Registrar will be able to provide the necessary information and guidance, as well as connect them with a mentor to help them through the process and identify any skill gaps in their development.

Aspirants seeking registration as a Chartered Marine Technologist should keep a detailed record of their development, responsibilities, and experience, which referees should verify to be best prepared to provide evidence of professional competence corresponding with CMarTech registration.


Standards Required for Scientists

The Science Council's 'CSci Competencies' document expounds on the competencies candidates need to display for successful application/revalidation to CSci / CMarSci.

The Science Council's CSci Competencies

CSci is a single chartered mark for all scientists that recognises high levels of professionalism and competence in science.

Applicants must have a combination of high-level scientific knowledge and experience to be eligible for the Chartered Scientist designation. This is typically demonstrated by an accredited Master’s degree, along with four years of postgraduate-level experience adequate to satisfy the CSci competencies.


Standards Required for Technologists

In accordance with our Royal Charter, IMarEST is able to confer appropriately qualified applicants the title of Marine Technologist (MarTech), Registered Marine Technologist (RMarTech), Chartered Marine Technologist (CMarTech), and Registered Marine Scientist (RMarSci) for scientists.

IMarEST is the only professional body in the world that can bestow these honours.

The 'IMarEST Competencies' document describes the skills required for successful application to MarTech, RMarTech, and CMarTech (plus RMarSci for Scientists).

The assessment is made in accordance with the standards strictly applied by the IMarEST Professional Affairs and Education Committee (PAEC) and the Membership Committee, both of which are Committees of the IMarEST Council.

The value of CMarTech

The Chartered Marine Technologist designation benefits all, including individuals, employers and the public as a whole. CMarTech maintains and improves standards across all technological disciplines; it evinces the best practices and is placed at an internationally recognised benchmark level.

CMarTech includes highly talented and experienced professionals in technology practise, research, application, and teaching, and recognizes the growing importance of cross - sectoral skills for the future of science, engineering, and technology. Besides that, CMarTech registration gives employers additional assurance about the quality of their workforce. It is advantageous to:

Society -Society will be more confident in an individual's competence and will no longer be perplexed by a platform of letters and descriptions.

Individual practitioners -by identification as a professional individual practitioners get placed at the forefront of their profession that help them gain access to job mobility.

Employers -with confirmation of the calibre of a job applicant's qualifications via designation

Government offices -Those looking to hire or appoint permanent staff, advisers, or consultants would have confidence in an individual's level of expertise.

Professional societies and organizations - by providing additional opportunities for them to demonstrate their abilities.

Higher education -which will be better able to establish and monitor benchmarks for their technology courses, as well as promote study programmes to match the requirements of a Chartered Marine Technologist

Regulatory Authorities –will be certain that the designation would be specified in legislation and regulations.

Legal credibility – allowing expert witness participation at a predetermined level

Professional standing -recognising excellence in all technology professions.

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