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ICE Technician (EngTech) Professional Review

Assistance with Technician Professional Review for ICE EngTech MICE


To become a professionally certified Technician Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (EngTech MICE), you must demonstrate your proficiency in the necessary knowledge, abilities, and experience in the Technician Professional Review (TPR).

It gives you the chance to show that you meet all of the requirements for EngTech MICE as indicated in Appendix A by applying for the position and going through a professional interview. This document (Appendix A) provides you with comprehensive instructions on how to apply for the TPR, what you need to submit, and what happens on the actual application day.

However, if you have the necessary experience, you can apply for TPR whether or not you have an approved qualification like a BTEC, NC/ND, NVQ or SVQ Level 3, or an advanced modern apprenticeship. Normally, you must apply for a professional qualification with both an approved academic qualification and the necessary professional experience.

You may still apply even if your credentials are not accepted, but you will need to give more information in your application about how your professional experience has allowed you to demonstrate that you have an understanding of and a practical application for engineering.

What are the attributes required of a Civil Engineering Technician?

For Civil Engineering Technicians (EngTech) wishing to register as Engineering Technicians, the Institution of Civil Engineers has provided requirements of professional competence and dedication in this appendix.

The following section contextualizes the Engineering Council's Standard for Professional Engineering Competence and Commitment (UK-SPEC) and presents the ICE Attributes in seven areas of professional competence and commitment. These areas include:

  1. Understanding and Practical Application of Engineering
  2. Health, Safety, and Welfare
  3. Management and Leadership
  4. Interpersonal Skills and Communication
  5. Commercial Ability
  6. Sustainable Development
  7. Professional Commitment

The professionally trained Civil Engineering Technician will be able to show a high level of commitment and proficiency in those qualities that are essential to their position. Additionally, they will exhibit knowledge with the critical facets of competence and dedication across all seven Attributes appropriate for being a Civil Engineering Technician. Civil engineering technicians employ tried-and-true methods to address real-world engineering issues.

Application content

You must pay the application cost online before you upload your application (please note that this is non-refundable). Your submission should contain:

  1. A completed application form and documentation of your academic accomplishments (if applicable)
  2. A recent photo of yourself (pasted into the application form)
  3. Appendices to show your work, and records of your continuing education (CPD)
  4. Proof of any unique requirements, if applicable
  5. A single PDF file no larger than 10MB must contain all application materials in the sequence specified above. Instead of scanning individual papers, you should, whenever possible, convert them to PDF electronically. You must also make sure that the font size is adequate, such as Arial 11, that the PDF is printable, and that it can be read in black and white.

Application form You must fill out every field on the application form, which also asks you to provide information about any special requirements and pending offenses.

Education-related documentation

In the table provided, list your educational background. You can also list qualifications that are still being studied but aren't quite finished, along with a predicted end date. Certified copies of degree certificates must be produced for any qualifications listed if you are a non-member or if they have not already been given to ICE.

This document must be a "true copy of the original" and be attested to by a senior employee of your employer, a member of the ICE, or a college professor, just like a passport photo. There must be official translations offered if the qualifications are not in English.

Job Background

The start and end dates of your employment, your employer, your work title, and a brief description of your functions and responsibilities should all be included in the information you provide about your current or most recent employment.

Employment and Past Work Experience

You can assist ICE to choose your two reviewers by choosing only one from the list of technical skills and one from the list of employment kinds on the application form.

Remember, CPD records are records of ongoing professional development. CPD is any training, learning, and development you do to get into and stay in your role as a competent person. The ICE mandates that you recognise and document your learning needs in a development action plan and that you document your CPD accomplishments in a personal development record. Please read our CPD guidance for more details on the best ways to organise and document your CPD.

The following documents must be included with your application:

  • A development action plan (DAP)
    Your projected personal development goals for the current or upcoming year will be described in a development action plan (DAP).
  • A personal development record (PDR)
    This will go into detail on the training and development you've received. This should incorporate a minimum of 30 hours of efficient learning each year. If your experience permits it, we would typically require three years of records, however, one year (30 hours) is sufficient. If you don't have this, you must explain it in your proposal and be able to demonstrate your continued competency if your reviewers ask you to.

Demonstration of the attributes

You must include written examples from your work experience that show how you have met the attributes required of an engineering technician. This is what you will fill out in Section 3 of the application.

You must exhibit thorough knowledge and comprehension of the construction process as it relates to your function in your application and during the interview, as well as awareness of the associated activities. You must be aware of the hazards associated with your actions and be able to recognise and control those risks.

In order to demonstrate your engagement, responsibilities, pertinent experience, and overall capabilities in each of the Attributes, you must emphasize your personal experience and contribution and do so to the appropriate standard. You should go into more detail about the choices you have made or in which you have participated, the issues you have faced, the lessons you have learned, and the actions you have taken.


Examples of your work should be included because they enable your reviewers to gauge your proficiency. Depending on the tasks you complete and the results they produce, this could be cost data, drawings, risk assessments, assessment reports, or other documents. Cross references and numbering for appendices are required in the section on proving the attributes. You may send:

  1. Up to three A3-sized documents or drawings.
  2. Additional information up to 12 A4 sides, including any necessary calculations The section 3 word count does not include appendices.

The Professional Review

An optional 5-minute presentation to your reviewers is included in the Professional Review, along with an interview with each of them. Except in cases where you have been assigned an in-person Professional Review, your Professional Review will take place online via MS Teams.

You can also consult our online review advice for more information. If you want to succeed, both reviewers must agree that you have met all requirements on the day of the review. You will be informed on the day that there will likely be an observer at your review, so take note of that. But worry not as these reviewers do not generally take part in the review.


At the beginning of the interview, you have the option of presenting a five-minute presentation. If you plan to give a presentation, you should mention it on your application form. Its subject must elaborate on a facet of your experience that was highlighted in the examples you included in Section 3 of your application. All of the qualities should not be included because they will be discussed during the interview.

We invite you to illustrate your presentation with graphic aids. According to the instructions in the online review, you will be able to display these onscreen using MS Teams. If the Professional Review is held in person, you will present while seated across from the table, using visual aids no larger than A3. You are allowed to utilize a laptop computer, but please be aware that there won't be an external power source available. Your reviewers may stop you if you take more than 5 minutes so that the interview may continue.

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Download Form: Technician Professional Review Application

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