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Terms of Use

Please go through the following terms and conditions carefully before availing our services. Our services are to be used by only individuals who are of legal age. Inappropriate use of our services is strictly prohibited. Once an order has been placed from your end, you thus confirm to have read, agreed, and understood all the terms and conditions of the services. Furthermore, submitting a request or payment indicates that you are thereby lawfully obliged to follow the terms and conditions.

Terms and their interpretation

  • ➢ The term “website” refers to www.Globalimmigrationhelp.com
  • ➢ Customer/consumer “your” or “you” refers to anybody who is executing an order, submitting, bidding, uploading any information or processing payments on this website
  • ➢ “Our,” “We” or “Company” refers to the www.Globalimmigrationhelp.com website
  • ➢ The software used as messages system, ensures a constant communication between the writer and the customer or with representatives from the support team
  • ➢ An “order” indicates a valid request of service from the customer to our company. This includes specifications and particular requirements of various sources that are to be used in the content
    An “order” can also reflect an electronic request from a customer to the writer for a particular paid writing service. The order contains the specification that includes the scope of work and requirements that the customer requires in regards to the service
    An “order” can also indicate an electronically submitted written order from the consumers end to the website. An order includes the entire work along with the customers’ requirements
  • ➢ The order status is an indicator that reflects the progress of the present order and the current position along with the estimation until the completion of the work.
  • ➢ The service provided by us comes as a result of an order which is an original written content delivered to the customer as per their enquiry in the form of a digital copy
  • ➢ Product innovation relates to a client’s request to change the finished version of a written document based on the order and its original criteria.
  • ➢ The quality department is the unit of the company that is in charge of safeguarding and evaluating the quality of our services and goods.
  • ➢ The quality assurance department working in www.Globalimmigrationhelp.com is an important part of the infrastructure whose prime mission is to evaluate and guard the quality of different products and services provided by us
  • ➢ A writer is an individual employed by the organisation responsible for researching and writing services for the customer on behalf of the company as per the company’s agreement
  • ➢ Wallet indicates the personal account of the customer which includes the credits stored by the customer for availing the products and services offered by us. The funds that are added to the wallet by the customer voluntarily to compensate for the price of the order(s) are done at the customer’s own discretion
  • ➢ Affiliate programs indicate targeted programs towards the company's existing customers. The aim of the affiliate program is to reward existing clients for driving in new clients to the company's website. The commission rate provided by the company to the customers of the affiliate program can change at any given time at the company's own discretion

Placing order and registration

  • ➢ To place an order, it is essential for the customer to complete the order form which is a part of the application. Our services are provided by no means apart from order forms
  • ➢ The order form includes the scope of the work, delivery terms and specific parameters that are necessary to be followed. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide full, exact, and final information to each standard order form while filling out our order form
  • ➢ While filling out the order form you would be requested to fill out your contact information which includes your email address, name, country, and telephone number. In any case during the creation of account errors, please contact our support team. Furthermore, if any of your contact information changes while your order is in the process it is your sole responsibility to keep your profile updated as well as inform the support team of the relevant changes
  • ➢ In any case, if multiple accounts are discovered they will be merged with your initial account which was created for your first purchase

Payment of order and discount

  • ➢ When you place an order, you agree to buy the products and services from the company. Your order enters the processing stage once your payment has been made and authorised for your order.
  • ➢ The payment for your order is calculated as per the pricing policy of the company and needs to be paid in advance as mentioned in the order form once the scope of the work has been identified. Until and unless payment is completed and completely authorised, the firm is not liable for any delivery of services.
  • ➢ The payments for the orders can be made via debit cards, credit cards or any other means feasible for the company
  • ➢ In terms of discounts, the company reserves full rights to offer any kind of bonus programs or discounts to customers at its own discretion by the means of discount codes which the customer can utilise while filling out the order form. If the discount code is not provided by the customer in the corresponding section present in the order form the discounts will not be processed that are given out by the company for that specific order
  • ➢ The company is committed to the provision of equal access to various bonus program and discounts offered by the company to each customer without any exception
  • ➢ Upon the evaluation of your order, the company might request additional time or payment to work on your order as your order might require an initial manual review which can bring in changes to the initial payment parameters thus, resulting in an increased price. It is up to the customer to decide whether they wish to agree with the new parameters of the order or refuse to cooperate with the company. If the customer stops to work a refund would be initiated as per the Money-back Guarantee Policy

Your personal wallet

  • ➢ When buying or availing any products and services from our company you are free to choose any available payment methods at your own discretion. When you receive a full or partial payment refund, you could choose to transfer the cash to your personal account or to the credits in your website's wallet account, based on the Money-back Guarantee Policy
  • ➢ The value of one credit equals $1 and has no expiration date or element. The credits that you choose to store in your wallet can be used for future payments of your orders with our company
  • ➢ Your approval and your own will are absolute when it comes to transferring your funds to credits. Once you have stored your funds to the credit and the process is complete, the amount stored in it is non-refundable and can only be used for paying your future orders.
  • ➢ Our company also has a loyalty program based on which you can receive a certain amount of credit that can cover your payments on future orders

Order process

  • ➢ Order validation: The firm retains the right to reject the entire document before providing it to the customer in order to guarantee that all of the requirements and specifications specified by the customer are fulfilled. In case of any mismatch, modification will be made over the final order to ensure that requirements of the customers have been met
  • ➢ Order volume: Every order that is replaced by the customer is measured in terms of volume and is calculated by the number of words. When the service is delivered, the document that the client receives must match the expected number of words that the customer has requested. The document that has been delivered might have fewer pages against the request; however, it shall match the exact word as per the (500 words per page single-spaced or 250 words per page double spaced) rule
  • ➢ Changes in order details: The customer can request and support to make changes to the scope of order if the writer has not started working. If the writer has started researching or working on the order no changes can be made. Furthermore, if the volume of the order increases in terms of complexities or the completion terms is narrowed down, then the customer can be asked to provide additional compensation for the work as per the newly added instructions.
  • ➢ Resources: If there are any specific resources or materials that require to be utilised during the production process then it is customers’ responsibility to specify these resources or provide them to the writer. If the customer does not provide specified resources, the writer is not responsible for locating them hence, additional charges shall be processed and must be paid so that the delivery can be made.
    In general, the following deadlines for each order are put into place
    • ○ Orders that are due within 12 to 24 hours must have their resources supplied by the customer within 30 minutes after the order has been placed
    • ○ Orders that are due within 24 to 74 hours, the deadline is one hour after the placement of the order
    • ○ If the customer fails to provide the additional resources within the given deadline, then extra payment and time to complete the order shall be required
    • ○ Communication: We highly encourage the customers to get in touch with the writer with the help of the messaging service or through the support team while requiring any information regarding their order
    • ○ Tracking progress: To track the progress of the order the customer can use their personal account where the information of the order’s status is displayed. A person that the customer is also free to contact the support team by any communication means available 24/7 to receive the updates on their order and its status

Delivery order

  • ➢ Our company is responsible for meeting the deadline indicated in the order in terms of delivery of the services
  • ➢ It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure that the availability of delivery channels provided to the company is active. The company shall not be held responsible if the customer has provided incorrect email addresses, internet outages, spam filters or and negligence on the customer's behalf to provide alternate communication channels and contact means which is thus far beyond the control of the company. We encourage our customers to contact the support team regarding any kind of assistance that might be available with the delivery of their order
  • ➢ It is the customer's responsibility to download the service in time after the company provides the service
  • ➢ The customer can refer to the Orders page where all processed orders are shipped to our customer account on the website
  • ➢ Seven days once the deadline, the funds shall be discharged automatically which is a part of our writer protection. Please thoroughly consider each order. Once the Writer receives the entire agreed sum, the work is considered fulfilled, and no refund will be issued.

Order revision

  • ➢ The Company offers alterations to the customer in order to enhance the quality of the product and maximum customer satisfaction with the product. To get a free modification of the product, the Client must submit a written revision request by using the Messaging System within (45/60/90) calendar days after the order delivery date. However, for reasonably large projects like research proposal, thesis proposal, dissertation, thesis, or dissertation chapters only 30 calendar dates needed would be considered by the company to adhere to any revisions. If the revision deadline is missed, the Customer has the option of getting their order amended for an extra cost or placing an order for editing.
  • ➢ The Quality Control Department holds the right to disapprove a revision claim if the revision instructions contradict the original Order requirements. In these situations, the Client may be asked to pay an additional fee for the required modifications or place an editing order.
  • ➢ If the Client's actions indicate clear exploitation of the Writer or other unacceptable requests, the Quality Control Department maintains the right to refuse or restrict repeated modification service requests.
  • ➢ If the claim fulfils all the parameters outlined in all these Terms and Conditions, our Company will update the provided service for no cost.

Product use

  • ● While using our products and services you agree that they would not be used for any commercial purpose. The payment made by you reflex the effort and time that has been put in conducting research and writing as per your order as all the required parameters are met for the delivery of the service
  • ● You cannot modify distribute reproduce or display the services provided by us over the internet or in the form of a hard copy given a reasonable limit as it is only for your personal use
  • ● The writers who work on our behalf and deliver the ownership of all the products with the company and do not retain the copyright privileges to the products and services that we provide
  • ● The products we provide are examples of research and are for the purpose of reference only or to be used as samples to perform academic writing, the intellectual property rights and copyright remain with the company

Responsibility of the company

  • ➢ We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraud, academic dishonesty, and plagiarism therefore, we shall not be held accountable if any illegal or unethical use of our product or contents on our website others.
  • ➢ We abide by all copyright laws and any activity opposing such laws is the responsibility of the customer if they violate our terms and conditions.
  • ➢ Disclaimer for hyperlinks used by www.Globalimmigrationhelp.com: Even though our website might include hyperlinks to other websites we do not approve condone or a guarantee that the content present on the website complies with our terms and conditions. Our company shall not be responsible for any content posted on those websites and visiting those links is totally up to the discretion of the customer and based upon the agreement submitted by the customer in their order form.
  • ➢ Privacy and security: The privacy statement provided by us on our website refers to the detailed information regarding the practices and policies of our company that concerns the storage collection and use of clients, guests, and their information. To find out more about the information that we use please visit our privacy policy section on our website. We reserve the right to contact customers regarding any kind of special offers, discounts for a new service or information that the company might feel can be useful for the customer. Furthermore, we also value the privacy of the customers and do not divulge their billing and personal information to any other third party. In order to ensure that the billing information of the customers is secure and protected, thus, payment systems are much authorised. It is important to note that we are not liable for any information regarding the credibility of the customer which gets disclosed without our consent or control. In case any security or privacy issues arising, the customer is required to refer to our privacy policy.


➢ You accept and approve all of the following points and declarations once you have submitted your order or payment: All of our produced works for or by Clients are solely for research, references, or learning needs on how to correctly compose an academic paper within a specific referencing style (i.e., Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). All clients acknowledge that all services provided by the website need payment for the effort and time invested in researching, collecting, reviewing, editing, and delivering the service to its customers after completion. Additional Payment is also used to keep the website operating so that our clients may continue to learn from it. Other than a limited number of hard copies for educational and personal use, the dissemination, production, distribution, alteration, exhibition, or derivative works of the Company's final offered services are not authorized without the Company's prior approval. Any authorship rights and ownership are immediately transferred to the Company and/or its affiliates for all written products created via our freelancing consumers. You, the consumer, agree to discard any and all supplied items from the Company once your research/reference needs for the document are satisfied. No copies for redistribution are permitted, nor are our works to be utilised elsewhere without our approval or permission. By utilising our offerings, you, the client, voluntarily agree to receive promotional material from the Company, such as discounts, contests, and special offers. You can unsubscribe from or subscribe to getting such information directly in your account. Our Company provides no express or implied warranties or assurances of warranty in regard to our webpage or its contents, whether arising by the legal system or otherwise. This comprises, without restriction, an assurance of merchantability or suitability for a non-infringement, specific purpose, or any other implicit warranty or guarantee arising from the performance or dealing with trade use. Furthermore, the Company does not promise that our services will be error-free, and we are not liable for any consequences resulting from any inaccuracies on our webpage. It is the consumer's responsibility to ensure the authenticity, relevance, or thoroughness of any viewpoint, material, advice, or other information related to or accessible on this website. Kindly take expert advice before selecting any of the services provided on our website.

Limitations of liability

By agreeing to the above terms and conditions, you hereby, agree to not hold any other customer, the company, its shareholders, its employees, officers, agents, directors, promotion, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliates, fulfilment agencies or any other third party who provide data sources or information responsible for any and all damages or losses that are related to or come from our company. These include but are not exempt to

  • ● Electronic, telephone, software or hardware, email, internet, network, and computer errors, problems, or disruptions of any nature
  • ● Computer interactions and transmissions that are unclear, failed, delayed, or incomplete;
  • ● Any circumstance arising as a result of events outside the Company's control that cause the delivery to be interrupted, delayed, or damaged
  • ● Any accidents, damages, or losses of any kind that arise as a result of using our services

Furthermore, you agree not to hold our Company or its affiliates liable or reprehensible for any assertion, request, or suit. This may include legal costs, made by a third party in connection with or originating from your use of our services, your violation or breach of these Terms and Conditions, your violation of the rights of any third party, or any other personal act or omission decided to commit by you. Under no circumstances can the Company be found liable or responsible for any indirect, direct, severe, consequential, incidental, or extraordinary damages arising from or in any way linked with the use of this website and any of the information given on it. Some jurisdictions and states do not permit the limitation or restriction of responsibility for consequential or incidental damages. Well, as a consequence, the above-mentioned limitation may not apply to you.

Termination: We retain the right to terminate your ability to utilise our services even if you have paid the full amount, only if the information you submitted for registrations on our offerings is inaccurate or is later modified. This includes incorrect or misleading information, or conceals or fails to mention any relevant information; if you do not comply with the ordering procedure; if we believe you of indulging in suspicious transactions. Any effort to undermine or harm www.Globalimmigrationhelp.com or its clients is strictly forbidden and will lead to membership termination. This includes spamming, distribution of spyware, malware, and trojan horses, as well as links to websites and documents that contain or spread them. If you violate the provisions of this agreement, www.Globalimmigrationhelp.com may terminate your account and forfeit any fees due to you at any time and without prior warning. The Company will be the only arbitrator of what constitutes a breach of the agreement.

Refunds: The client agrees to follow the terms mentioned in the refund and revision policy.

Amendments: You, the consumer, understand and acknowledge that the Company may alter these Terms and Conditions wholly or partially at any time without prior notification. As a result, it is advised that all Clients on our website review these Terms and Conditions in a timely manner and see whether any modifications have been implemented.

Governing Law: Conditions of Use, as well as any non-contractual duties arising out of or in connection with them, are governed and performed in compliance with applicable laws of the relevant nation. Any disagreement, conflict, or claims originating out of or in conjunction with any of these Terms of Use, or its violation, cancellation, or invalidity, shall be resolved ultimately by the courts.

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