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Chartered Management Institute (CMI)- Your guide to Chartered Manager

Get Chartered With CMI | What is Chartered Manager status?

The highest title in the management and leadership field, Chartered Manager, is all about professional recognition.

Managers with Chartered designation have great management and leadership abilities, as well as a commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), proving to employers and peers the importance of a professional approach that has a measurable impact.

CMI is the only professional body that can confer the title of Chartered Manager, as evidenced by our Royal Charter.

You're thinking about becoming a Chartered Manager, but you're just getting started in management? Foundation Chartered Manager level acknowledges your existing skills and expertise and places you on the first step toward full Chartered Manager status through a structured study route.

For the length of your enrolment as a Global MBA student, you are a member of CMI.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) encourages management and leadership excellence at the highest levels. It is the only organization that bestows the Chartered Manager designation, which is the gold standard for all professional managers.

Chartered Manager status (CMgr)

You can apply to become a Chartered Manager via the Fast Track path if you have the CMI L7 Diploma and at least three years of relevant work experience.

To become a Chartered Manager, you must apply directly to CMI and pay the required cost. For a summary of the numerous pathways and information on how to contact the Chartered Manager team, see this CMI page(Opens in new window):

Full Assessment - Written Submission


Chartered Manager is a practical evaluation that evaluates personal abilities and knowledge in leading people and managing change, as well as how these talents support consistently successful performance and contribute to your organisation.

Your Chartered Manager registration is valid for 12 months and once you pay for it, there are no refunds. A written submission takes around 10 hours on average to present, and the majority of applications (including review) are finished within three months.

Your role as the Candidate - what you have to do

  • Ensure you focus on what is required by reviewing the submission guidelines in this document
  • Provide a complete draft submission (whenever possible within 28 days) for the Assessor's review
  • To keep your application and assessment on track, respond to any contact from an Assessor
  • During the assessment, if your Advisor-Assessor requests any additional information
  • Ensure you are in compliance with the Chartered Manager Standards by speaking with your Assessor by phone
  • Ideally, you should be in an area free of distractions for the telephone interview, which should last about an hour
  • If you need to change the day/time of your interview, give your assessor at least 24 hours of notice - our managers have busy schedules, so cancellations at the last minute can affect the assessment

Your Submission

When you submit your application, you will be able to show how, in the past 18 months, you have:

  • 1. Within your own or a client's organisation, you have demonstrated persistent and effective performance.
  • 2. When it came to using your management skills, you were professional and ethical.
  • 3. With commitment to the future, you've learned from your past. CPD

By submitting a completed application, you affirm that you operate professionally and ethically in accordance with the CMI Code of Conduct and that you are committed to completing and recording annual CPD.

Please keep in mind that your application story must reflect your effective performance as well as what you have personally accomplished. Graphs, diagrams, tables, and appendices are not permitted in your submission, which should be kept to a maximum of 8 pages.

Written and spoken English at an acceptable level is required, as is all paperwork.

Only the CMgr admin team, your assessor, and a moderator will be able to see the information you submit in this form.

They'll need a total of 3000 words from 6 EoC of 500 words each

  • OVERVIEW (Introduction)

How to get Chartered / Routes to Chartered?

To become a Chartered Manager, you must reflect on your recent work accomplishments and how you use your management talents to produce excellent company outcomes.

Depending on your level of expertise and qualifications, you can choose between a fast-track and a complete assessment process. Don't worry if you don't have any formal management degrees; CMI will help you become a Chartered Manager based only on your experience.

Did you know that earning the title of Chartered Manager can be accomplished in as little as a few weeks? Choose your path below and get started on your path to become a Chartered Manager today.

Route 1- CMI Fast Track

Fast Track to Chartered Status

You can apply through this route if you have…

Level 5 or above CMI Diploma qualification and minimum 3 years of experience in a management role.

How do I register?

You can contact the team via cmgr@managers.org.uk to apply for registration and to get the invoice issued to you.

What's involved and how much does it cost?

This path builds on your CMI Diploma accomplishment and offers a streamlined evaluation method that takes into consideration your earlier CMI learning.

The price is £130 including VAT (plus membership fees where applicable).

Is there any paperwork I need to submit?

Use our application template to fill out and submit for the assessment. Attached is the "Fast Track Application Word Template."

Route 2-Full Assessment

Full Assessment for Chartered Status

You are eligible for this route if you have…

Either a bachelor's degree in management, business, or leadership, with three years of experience in a managerial position.

If you don't have a management specialist qualification, you must have at least 5 years of management experience (equivalent to Level 5 or operational/senior management level).

What is the procedure for registering?

Please contact the team at cmgr@managers.org.uk to request a registration form and an invoice.

What's involved and how much does it cost?

You'll need to keep track of your recent accomplishments and positive outcomes. After that, you'll work with an assessor to finish the assessment evaluation. You have the option of submitting a written submission or participating in a professional discussion.

£540+VAT or £855+VAT, depending on the option you choose (plus membership fees where applicable)

Is there any paperwork I need to submit?

Depending on the option you choose, fill up and submit our application template for evaluation.

The complete Assessment Word template file can be downloaded on this page.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to Reply back/contact us for quick support from our experts.

Download Guidelines File

Download CMI Template File

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